Friday, April 27, 2012

Storage In the Cloud

With the arrival of Google Drive, there are now many inexpensive alternatives for syncing and storing files beyond the user's device.  Below find some favorites. 

How to Choose Between Cloud Storage Services like Google Drive and Dropbox,6024391&dq=mexico-high-school-pintos&hl=en

Google Drive




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  1. I love the compilation of storage resources assembled here, Jim. I was naturally curious about how much space these sources offer and I poked around a bit. The generous nature of their offers surprised me. Gigabytes are given away like candy and that got me thinking about, what do people need all this storage space for? Back in the 80's pirated movies, music and games would be the primary usage for large storage spaces. Today I am not so sure. I can stream most any music I want for free (legally) from a multitude of sources (even on my phone). I can access my movie viewing services quickly and efficiently on mobile devices most anywhere I go relatively cheap at $8/month. Almost all games are shifting to digital download freemium based models. Are people looking for a place to put writing? If so, I need to remind everyone that 1Gb of storage is equivalent to 5,000 pages or 1,000 very large books. Who the heck is writing that much and needs that much space? Looking at our consumer based work environments and entertainment practices, I don't see a ton of authors suddenly needing space for their life's works.

    Maybe my move to cloud computing a few years ago has me out of the loop. What the heck are people needing space, and so much of it for? I just looked up my Google usage for the last three years. Over 1400 emails and 500 chats stored in gmail, 322 documents owned and over 500 shared in google docs, over 700 contacts in my address book, 6 calendars, 9 blogs, 753 photos, 25 websites are all in Google cloud. It is shocking that I have used less than 1% of what Google as made available for me to use free of charge. What are people storing in these free storage sites?