Monday, February 1, 2010

Opportunity for the Fearful

Reposted - from Tora Johnson

Do you know of teachers who have had trouble incorporating the MLTI laptops into their curriculum because they lack basic computer skills or are fearful of using computers? The Education Program at the University of Maine at Machias, with funding from the National Science Foundation, is planning a special workshop and technical support program especially for them, and they need to hear from interested teachers!

The Education Program at the University of Maine at Machias will hold a pilot project (pending final approval of funding) to help middle and high school teachers overcome these hurdles and add computer activities into their curriculum in meaningful ways.

The T3 program is free, and participating teachers will receive CEUs and stipends.

Participants will...

· Join a supportive learning community of their peers
· Attend a four-day workshop in Machias in late June with free room and board (families may come along for an affordable daily rate, though we cannot provide childcare)
· Learn and apply basic laptop skills and related educational theory
· Work with patient, experienced instructors in a fun and relaxed learning environment
· Develop a modest plan for using the laptops to support some curriculum goals for the coming year
· Receive on-going support in implementing laptop activities, including on-site visits when needed
· Earn Continuing Education Units and a total of $1,200 in stipends

Any interested teachers must contact Tora Johnson at or 207-255-1214 with the following information:

· Teacher's name
· School
· Grade(s)
· Discipline(s)
· Mailing address
· Email address (if they use email)
· Phone number
· Availability for each of the two possible dates for the workshop: June 21 - 24 or June 28 - July 1 (Please indicate if you are available for either or both set of dates)

When NSF confirms funding, teachers will be asked to submit a brief application. For the pilot program, there will be room for only 12 middle and high school teachers. If the program is a success, additional funding will be requested for a larger effort.

Note that this opportunity is strictly for teachers who lack computer skills and/or are fearful of working with the MLTI laptops in the classroom. It is not appropriate for technically savvy teachers.

If you personally are not interested in this experience (or perhaps you are just too tech savvy!) please forward this opportunity to anyone you feel qualifies/may be interested.

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