Friday, May 1, 2009

Video Creation Tradition

An eight year tradition continued last night with the Oxford Hills M'iMovie Film Festival. Complete with donated fancy cars and red carpet, students, parents, and volunteers joined together once again for the culminating activity of a year's worth of video creation.

This is an email we received from a parent this morning:

"Dear Devoted Directors,

It is with much gratitude to you all that I write this letter. As a novice to your tradition, its history, and flair - I was amazed and impressed by how neatly and warmly the event occurred. Everyone seemed so happy to be there, not just the filmmakers and their family or friends, either. Every volunteer we encountered seemed to have some inner joy, some inner glow of pride that she or he carried around with them: the chauffeurs, the interviewers, (yes, the directors, of course!), even the ushers who had the dubious position of keeping the mass of parents out of the auditorium were delightful (and entertaining!)

I sincerely hope that my daughter enjoyed her first foray into the world of film, because I would love to see what she could make for a movie next year - but also because of the powerful experience you created for her and her peers.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for children of the area.

Bravo! I cannot wait to see the encore.



For resources, forms and more information, go here.

And an email this morning from a teacher:

"Just so you know-Most of the Otisfield sixth graders are wearing their medals today and they are still aglow from their fame! I know it is a lot of work but the festival really makes the kids feel special and CREATIVE!"

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