Monday, February 2, 2009

Making Movies with Telstar 3 Group



  1. Jim,

    Did you notice that you can no longer download iMovie HD with the introduction of iLife '09?

    I guess it's time to explore iMovie '09 - I am hearing a little more positive reviews than the previous version.

  2. Unfortunately I noticed that during the session, Ron. Fortunately out of the 13 participants, only two in the end were effected . . . and I had a couple of MLTI machines available for them to use.

    We downloaded 6.0.3 which told us we needed 6.0.2 first. We downloaded 6.0.2, only for the installation to say needed 6.0.1 . . . and so forth. Argggggg! Apparently the one we needed is no longer available. Bummer. Anyone have an iMovie HD 6.0.0 available?

  3. On further looking, I see that iMovie HD 6.0.4 is the one to get and hold onto for awhile during the transition. Already found a friend who has the installation image. :)